Who is Mr. Morgan 2014?

By Elizabeth Bradley|

Mr. Morgan is an all male beauty pageant, call it if you will a “Mini Miss America” that is run by The Morgan yearbook. The competition is going to be held in the Morgan auditorium on February 12, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. This year’s contestants are, seniors: Bobby Pace, Jason Comeau, Nick Powers, Miraj Keshwala, Matt Granfield, Eli Phelps and juniors: Brian Gendron, and Maxx Bugg

Mr. Morgan is broken up into five categories: formal wear, date wear, beach wear, talent, and the question and answer section. For formal wear all of the participants are wearing tuxes provided by Colins Tux Shop in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Accompanied by their escorts, all of the men will be strutting their stuff across the stage trying to impress not only the audience but the panel of judges. Backstage they will then change into their date wear attire and line back up for another walk across the stage. “Date Wear” is up to the boys’ discretion, but most of them will be wearing what they typically wear when going on a date! After the date wear section is over the backdrop changes to gorgeous sunsets and crystal clear waters for the “beach wear” section. Each contestant has been instructed to have one talent ready to preform after the beach wear section. Finally to end the night, the guys will put their tuxes back on for one final section, the “question and answer.” The contestants will be asked a serious question with topics in today’s news followed by a fun question to get to know more about them on a personal level.

Check out the video below to see who students believe will be the next Mr. Morgan!

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