Book Suggestions For You!


Written by Marie Kane |
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Do you love to read? I do! If you need some book suggestions, then you’re reading the right article. A few books I recommend, that I read, are listed below with a summary.

  • Uglies by Scott Westerfield, is a 425-page science fiction book about a girl named, “Tally Youngblood” who is turning sixteen soon. In the society Tally lives in, when you turn sixteen, you get an operation that turns you into Ugliesa “pretty”. Until you get the operation, you are an “ugly” in this book. Tally meets a new friend, Shay, who is the same age as Tally. Tally can’t wait to turn “pretty”. Shay, however, doesn’t care about the operation, and doesn’t want to get it done. If Tally doesn’t get the operation, she will never have another chance to be pretty again, but if she does get the operation, she and Shay will never be able to see each other again. Shay runs away, and Tally wants to find her. The authorities of the operation give Tally a terrible choice: find Shay and turn her in, or never turn pretty at all. Tally’s choice changes her whole life.
  •  Seekers; the Quest Begins by Erin Hunter, is the first book of the “Seekers” series. It’s a 293-page book. The main characters are all bears; Toklo, Kalik, Ujurak, Tobi, Oka, and Lusa. They live out in the wild. SeekersKalik, a polar bear, and Lusa, a black bear, live with their mother. When the bears are separated onto blocks of ice, killer whales attack, and Kalik must learn to live on her own. Kalik can’t find her brother. She goes to a place her mom told her about, where polar bears gather, and asks other bears if they have seen her brother, which they have not. Will Kalik ever find her brother and mother, or will she be lost from them forever? This book is also a great pick for animal-lovers.
  •  Violet On The Runway by Melissa Walker, is a 220-page book about a girl named Violet, discovered in a movie theater by Angela Blythe, at Violet on the runwayseventeen years old for her good looks, to be a model in “The Big Apple” for “Tryst Models”. Will Violet become a model in New York, or will she pass up the opportunity, and stay home in high school? Find out when you read this book!
  • The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, is a fictional 450 page book about a boy named Logan, the candymaker’s son, who lives in the family candy imagefactory. The factory has a contest, having some kids invent their own candy. The best candy will become an official candy, just like M&Ms, Skittles, Crunch, etc. Not only is the contest interesting, but the characters areinteresting themselves! Logan can detect the color of a chocolate by touch. Miles is a participant in the contest who’s allergic to carousels and the color pink. Daisy, the only girl in the contest, can lift a fifty pound taffy lump like it’s nothing. There’s also Philip, the boy who wears a suit and tie, writes in a notebook all the time, who can be rude at times. Who do you think will win? The story is told from each contestants perspective, and it’s a book full of mystery, fun, and friendship.
  • Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life another book by Wendy Mass, is a fiction 289-page book. It’s about a thirteen year old boy, Jeremy, and a
    Jeremy Fink & The Meaning of Lifethirteen year old girl, Lizzy. Jeremy gets a mysterious wooden box with his name engraved into
    the box. Except, there’s a problem. The keys to open the box are missing! Jeremy and Lizzy search everywhere in the city they could imagine, but just cannot find them! They could easily saw through the box, bur the box is a really nice one. They don’t want to destroy it since it was a box Jeremy’s dad chose before he died. So how will Jeremy find out “The meaning of life”?  What will be in the box?
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, is a 313 page book. Now I know what some of you may be thinking; “I already read this book!” A lot of people read this book, but why not read it again? this is a great book! I got it in July of fault in our starsthis year, and I loved it! The Fault In Our Stars, is about a sixteen year old cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who suffered from cancer. The whole novel is told from her perspective. Hazel’s parents force her to join a support group, where she falls for a seventeen year old boy, Augustus Waters. Augustus, also known as “Gus”, had his leg  amputated and is a former basketball player. He falls for Hazel. Gus and Hazel read each other’s favorite novels, and fall for each other. “The Fault In Our Stars” is a novel filled with romance, friendship, humor, sad and happy moments, and is personally my favorite book.
  • Serendipity and Me by Judith L. Roth, is a 320-paged book. Sara loves cats, but her father will not let her have one as a pet, and he will not say why. Sara admires cats so much, she has cat-headed slippers, stuffed cats, and pictures of cats. A fluffy white kitten darts into Sara’s home, and comes into her life, and Sara realizes her dream of having a pet kitty might come true. To Sara, persuading her dad to break his “No Cats Allowed” rule, will be difficult, but she tries her hardest to get her father to break it. She only has less than one week to persuade her dad that this fluffy kitty is what the broken two-person family needs.Will Sara be able to convince her dad to let her keep the kitten? Or will the fluffy kitten have to go to a different family?