Welcome State Champs!

Written by Paige Mustaro |
Photos taken by a variety of students |

On the fifteenth of November, The Morgan Volleyball team won the Class S Title State Championship game against Lyman Memorial! The game ended with a 3-0.   For the first time in five years, The Morgan School holds the State Volleyball Class S Title.


Both schools, Lyman Memorial and Morgan, had many fans that night. From Morgan, there were one hundred and fifty plus students who went to support our lady huskies. We were able to fill three spectator buses with students. Some of the boys even painted their chests with letters that spell at Morgan.  Many teachers took time out of their busy night to support their school. Even retired teachers attended the game. How cool does this sound? All four buses got an escort home from Berlin High School. Fire Trucks, Ambulances, and Police Cars followed the team along with the three spectator buses filled with students.


Good job to The Morgan Volleyball team! You did a great job this year with an undefeated  season! Keep up the good work in the years to come!

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