What Were You Doing on Husky Helper Day?

By Lele Nguyen |

Video Editor: Spencer Gilbert    Photos via The Morgan School community

Husky Helper 2013 Video cover

Husky Helper Day Video

  • “Look, look, I got an aerobics book!” – Maddi Roman

  • “You smell like Pine trees.” – Mrs. Robinson’s group

  • “It’s always fun at the YMCA.” – Anthony Choronzy

  • “Make sure you get my good side.” – Ronnie Buchetto

  • “Tell my wife I love her.” – Mr. Gersz

  • “I got a shovel.” – Nick Testoni

  • “Baseball players can’t paint.” – Coach Lit

  • “It’s Husky Helper Day; you’re suppose to love each other.” – Brandy Reilly

  • “We are all one big happy family.” – Jake Teuner

  • “Map painting is hard but rewarding.” – Maina Carrey, Tess Hallowell, Catlen Goss

  • “It’s great to give back to a place which has given so much to us.” – Mrs. Cozz

  • “It feels good helping the community.” – Charlotte Limosani

  • “As much as this day is a pain to organize, it’s well worth it.” – Mrs. Hagness

  • “This day is awesome.” – Chris Vicino

  • “This is how you do it.” – Mr. Underwood

One response to “What Were You Doing on Husky Helper Day?

  1. It is great to see what everyone had done to help the community, the video turned out great! Also hearing what people had to say as the day went on is awesome. Great job!


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