18 responses to “The New Husky: Morgan’s Logo

  1. Dan,
    Since UConn has changed their logo, we are hoping that here at Morgan we will not have to change our Husky. I recently spoke with Mrs. Hagness, it seems to be the question is still in the air. Of course, she wants nothing more than to keep our logo considering that UConn has changed theirs. We will be sure to keep everyone posted on what happens!
    -Morgan Pawprint


  2. I’m a Lancaster student reading this, and let me just say that this whole website is awesome! but why not have many kids do sketches and have the whole student body vote on one? just an outsider’s perspective.


  3. Heyy~ its Kate from the Flash, I was taking some time to read some of your articles and I was very impressed! This article was written very well. The only thing I would say needs to be worked on is making concise! But good job!


  4. hey Im a Hempfield student from Lancaster Pa and if your school had the loo first why don’t you take legal actions against them.


  5. From Hempfield HS in PA.. I have to say this is pretty ridiculous. There are a lot of high schools that use college as well as pro sports logos and it’s crazy that UConn chose to pick on your school for something as small as this.


  6. I have to say that I am going to wear my old Huskie clothes till they fall apart.. . .That could be sooner rather than later considering I am from the class of 1993! I love the new gym huskie!


  7. Great point by Eli! Dig deeper to see who decided to use the Husky mascot sooner. But this also gives Morgan the chance to present an updated version! But tell UCONN to stop bullying the lil people!


  8. Then all logo’s of sport teams should not appear. Colleges come after High Schools, Semi Pro come after them and so on. Don’t we have better things to take care of other than a logo. REALLY UCONN???!!!


  9. Hi. I painted the husky logo on the North Wall of what was then the new gym. The one closer to Rt. 81. It was in the fall of 1977 if I recall correctly.

    I used the logo that was printed on book covers sold at the student store at the time.

    So that brings the use of that logo to at least 1974, when I got to Morgan.

    If you need it repainted, I’ll be happy to help!

    David Carroll
    Class of 1978


  10. Interesting post from Eli. We would need to find out when the logo actually was created. Keep researching! I am excited about the new logo – it can be influential in our design phase for the new school


  11. what about the turf field? are we going to have to change that even after spending so much money on it?


  12. I did some internet searching and discovered that The Morgan School was founded in 1870, and UCONN in 1881. If we were the Huskies from the beginning, wouldn’t UCONN be infringing on our logo? Just because we are well known doesn’t mean they can strong arm us out.


  13. From Ms. Shook’s C Period World History Class…
    Overall, we think this is ridiculous! There is a high school in West Virginia that uses a husky logo that looks like UCONN’s logo. Are they going to threaten to sue them as well?? There are numerous high schools and colleges who have the same logos…Georgia Tech and East Haven are both the Yellow Jackets!! WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL???

    “sue us and get nothing…we are broke” Nick P.
    “go ahead…take my lunch money” Trent G.
    “Use the 2007 logo!!!” Gary F.


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