Mrs. Cohen: The New Intern


By David LaRiviere and August Pulaski|

There is a new intern at The Morgan School: Mrs. Cohen!An intern is basically someone who is studying to become a teacher. Interns watch real teachers in classrooms.

Mrs. Cohen, however, is not new to Morgan because last year she worked here as a paraprofessional. Mrs. Cohen is a very nice lady who is hard working and determined to reach her goal to become a teacher in the field of mathematics.

Although she hasIMG_0203 never held a teaching position, Mrs. Cohen worked at Yale University for fifteen years in the field of medicine, data management, and programming.  Now Mrs. Cohen works during the day here at Morgan and goes to school at night to train to become a math teacher. At Morgan, she is available to substitute any class.  She spends much of her time in the mathematics department working with students in the math classes. “I decided to become a teacher because education has always been important to me. I was lucky enough to have a good education with some dynamic teachers.  I would like to be on the other side and be a positive influence and role model in kids’ lives,” explained Mrs. Cohen.  ” I am taking five classes, three nights a week: Educational Psychology, Teaching Strategies for Math, Law for Teachers, Instructional Theories and Practices, and Classroom Management.”

Mrs. Cohen says that it is important to follow your heart. She also says that the teachers at Morgan are very nice to the students. She has three kids, a fish, two dogs and a husband. While Mrs. Cohen pursues her career of becoming a mathematics teacher, she will be part of the Morgan Family.