A Crime of Opportunity


Written by Evan Doolittle |

For the past few months, Morgan students have been victims to a crime of opportunity. Over $1580 in electronics and cash have been stolen from the men’s locker room in multiple instances and no one has been caught. But these thieves aren’t picking locks or prying open lockers, they’re taking items left out in the open.

Officer Tanner, the Morgan resource officer said “It’s really just a crime of opportunity. The simple solution would just be to lock up your wallets and electronics. Lockers are available to all students.”

The school security systems aren’t advanced enough to catch any thieves, and the majority of thefts occur during school. As crowds pass through the hallways, it is impossible to tell who is leaving the locker rooms and Morgan’s new camera system does not produce a high quality image required to identify students.

So here’s some advice; you’re given a locker, use it and prevent these petty but constant thefts.