No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted


Written by Emma Riccio|

This year in advisory students could attend a club offered by teachers. Laura Luther, a Spanish teacher at Morgan, chose to start the Kindness Club. What is the Kindness Club? “It’s a group of gals and Senora spreading happiness and thoughtfulness throughout the school community and the community of Clinton,” said Mrs. Luther.

Mrs. Luther AP Spanish

When asked what made her decide to start this particular club, she revealed, “Honestly, I think that we forget to be nice to one another, and when someone is nice to us, we feel so good and I thought, ‘Why not bring that back?’” In fact, Mrs. Luther had wanted to start the club long before clubs became a part of advisory. “A couple of years ago when the incident in Sandy Hook happened, we did the 26 Acts of Kindness. We made t-shirts. We had a special day at school, had an assembly, and we had one of the families come from Sandy Hook. It was very overwhelming and very touching and moving. I think a lot of people forgot about it after it finished, so I wanted to bring it back.”

Since she finally has her club, she has made some plans for what is to come in the future. “I have a few ideas to reach out to the community of Clinton: write some letters to some of our former students- Morgan grads that are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can spread kindness to them and thank them for their service. Some of the kids have ideas as well, and I’m going to listen to them and see what they want to do.”

Ultimately, Senora’s goal is “that people don’t have to think about being kind.  They just are.” Hopefully, Mrs. Luther’s good-natured attitude resonates with the staff and students, spreading kindheartedness around the community.