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The Internet: Good or Bad?


Written by Abby Jasinski |

What is your opinion on the internet? Do you believe it is good or bad for us humans? To help you decide, I will provide some facts on how social media can be good or bad. Maybe you can make healthier choices concerning the internet. 

Social media can be good because it can help you learn information. If you ever are stuck on a homework question, the internet may help you find the solution! However, make sure whatever you are reading makes sense to what the question is asking. Social media also keeps you updated with the latest news. Since millions of people have cellular devices or computers, news is able to spread very fast.

I love to remember this picture because is was my dad’s birthday and my sisters and I took a beautiful picture of us and my dad behind his birthday cake!

Social media apps do a good job of saving your memories. If you are at a party or when it is your birthday obviously you will take a couple of selfies with your friends! Then when you look back at those pictures, the memories come pouring back into your mind, and you begin to relive that day in a matter of seconds or even minutes. Another thing that social media does is allow you to contact people easier and faster. When you go shopping and your guardian needs to pick you up, you can call or text them to come get you!

Social media can be bad because it can ruin your eyesight since the bright light from the screen is aimed directly at your eyes. The brightness can effect your vision over time making it blurry. I suggest that you lower the brightness on your device so that your eyes aren’t affected and you don’t get a headache. The bright screens can also make you very tired in general and it may be difficult to keep your eyes open!

See how you can see my whole face from the bright screen? Your brightness should be lowered, and your device shouldn’t be up in your face like mine is

Another problem with social media is that it can be addictive. If you become too attached to your phone, it can affect your brain or mental health. Even though the internet helps you learn, and playing games could be fun, becoming too attached can greatly affect your daily life. Social media and the internet can also decrease the number of conversations you have with your family. If you’re at the dinner table and are the only one on your phone and barely eating, turn the phone off and start a conversation! It’s not hard at all! The conversation can be about anything, but it’s just amazing to talk to your family more and become closer with them.

Social media apps like Vine, Instagram, and Twitter can be interesting to scroll through. You may want to like a few posts, but you should limit your time on the app. Apps like those can make you procrastinate a lot, unless you are watching something that gives you inspiration about doing something for the future. If you feel as if  you are on your phone or computer too much, try to limit your time and plan other activities that keep you occupied.

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