Welcome, Ms. Theiler!


By David LaRiviere and August Pulaski |

With the departure of Mrs. Brochu, a new face has arrived: Ms. Theiler!

Ms. Theiler decided to work here at Morgan because it is as she calls, “Very appealing…” She also says that she enjoys the academic environment. Ms. Theiler has heard about Morgan prior to her IMG_0762deciding to work here. Ms. Theiler has past experience in educational areas. She has worked in elementary, middle, and high schools in Waterford before, which she describes as a “great atmosphere.”

Ms. Theiler took this job knowing that she would contribute to our school, even with the challenges she will encounter. Ms. Theiler is up for any challenges that are thrown at her, such as learning the new procedures, the names of the students and faculty, and learning computer programs such as Naviance. Ms. Theiler stated that she enjoys a very busy office and dislikes boring jobs.

We are very excited for our new member of the Morgan family. We hope you are too! Make sure to welcome her the next time you see her!