New Morgan, New Memories


Time capsule location in the new Morgan building

Written by Calvin Jackson |
Photos by Alyssa LeMay |

What do we want to remember from the old Morgan as we transition to the new Morgan? The Morgan School is filled with amazing pride. With the new high school nearly finished, students are hoping to keep the on going Morgan spirit alive for all of the future Morgan students to experience.

A time capsule will be placed in the new Morgan to leave some current items that are important to us now. These will be items, photos, or any small objects that we believe would be interesting for the future Morgan to discover when the time capsule is opened. It would allow them to create stories to go along with the items. By leaving these items now, we would be leaving behind a legacy for the future.

The time capsule is made by Heritage Time Capsules and can be purchased at their retail price of $943.00. The dimensions for the Stainless Steel Small Time Capsule  are 1′ x 1’9″ x 24″. There will be three small stainless steel time capsules with these specifications. They will be stacked on top of each other underneath the date stone that is presented beautifully in the main entrance of the school.

In our current school building, a time capsule was placed in the lobby at the main entrance. The time capsule was planted in the school in the 1951 when the building had just finished being constructed. This was the first year that the current school opened up its doors for students. Before we all transition to the new building, we will be opening up the old time capsule and discovering what had been placed in it 64 years ago.

Old Morgan Football jersey
Old Morgan Football jersey

Deven Talarczyk, a Freshman on the Morgan Football Team, offered up the idea to  “place some of the trophies and older jerseys that are encased in our school now because it keeps our school’s past and current athletics alive.”

Freshman, Matt Zoner, says that a lock should be put into the time capsule. “If the future lock ever changes, they will be able to see what we used as high school students.”

Ideas are flying as to what should be included in the new time capsule. Instructional Assistant, Mrs. Cockley, and Learning Strategies Resource Teacher, Mrs. Nadeau, agree that photos of faculty, coins with the year of opening, play bills, and S.T.E.P. pictures are just a few of the items that should be included.

Matt Zoner's idea of a lock that has been mentioned for one of the numerous objects to go in the time capsule
Matt Zoner’s idea of a lock that has been mentioned for one of the numerous objects to go in the time capsule

Madison Emmi, also a freshman, said, “A husky paw should be put in to represent the spirit throughout the school.”

“A time line of all the husky heads because times are changing, and I think it would be cool to show students what the mascots looked like before theirs,” suggested Learning Commons Media Specialist Mrs. Robinson.

Feel free to comment below any ideas for objects that you, as current students, desire to have placed in the time capsule for the new Morgan School.