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Parking: Can You Spot Your Spot?


Written by Riley Thompson and Tejas Patel |
Photos by Tejas Patel and Amber Vuilleumier |

The goal of every high schooler is to be able to step out of his or her car, instead of the school bus. However, the school parking lot is one of the biggest hassles at The Morgan School. Several years ago alumni Katie Costello wrote an article discussing the parking lot’s faults in Honk If You Are Annoyed, and still no changes have been made. 

“The ramp is probably the dumbest idea in the history of mankind,” commented social studies teacher Mr. Zawadski. Not only is the distribution of parking spots disorderly, but the parking lot itself is faulty.

The administration has not made the travel into the school any easier by cutting off access to all entrances excluding the main door to students.  Because of the extra travel time from the main entrance to the parked cars, closer parking spots are even more valuable to students.


In past years students would wake up earlier than usual on the second day of school when spots are assigned in hopes of acquiring a “good” spot. Many students and teachers disagree with this system of assigning spots. Some believe a raffle should be implemented where spots are chosen at random, while others believe parking in general needs fixing.

Accounting teacher Mr. Richetelli believes that “teachers parking spots should be a different color so students can’t park there.” Color coordinating teacher and student parking will prevent students from parking in teachers’ spots on the first day of school.

But no matter how dysfunctional the parking lot, is there more to the problem? “I’d rather drive in the commuter lot because everyone sucks at driving, and they’re all in one place. It’s not big enough. High schoolers are still learning to drive so they need bigger spaces,” stated senior Maina Carey. 

IMG_9018While some are continuing to critique the current parking lot, others solely look forward to the new school and new parking. “I can’t wait until it goes bye bye, and we get a new parking lot,” stated Mr. Zawadski when commenting on the current parking lot. The future parking lot will provide 150 spaces for students to park. The future lot will also prevent clogging by separating car lanes and bus lanes. The new parking lot will provide convenient, safe parking for future students and teachers.


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    marielkaneSep 24, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    I did not know Morgan Parking was like this. I agree with Mr. Richetelli about students and teachers having different colored parking spots. That seems like a good idea.