Morgan’s Dress Code: What Is It?


Which of the following outfits do you think are appropriate?

Written by Marie Kane |

Here at Morgan, our dress code is very important, especially to the staff. If you violate the dress code, you will be punished. The highest punishment is up to and including expulsion from school. This depends on the Clinton Board of Education’s policy on student discipline.

Lindsay Harden, Burton Caldwell, Alex Church, and Emma Phelps

Sophomore Lorrayne Santana supports enforcement of the dress code, “It’s fine. We shouldn’t show our bodies too much, and we shouldn’t be dressing inappropriate, but we should be able to wear whatever clothes we want.”

Assistant Principal, Mr. Tyler Webb, explained ,”Since the dress code is put in place by the Board of Ed; my opinion doesn’t really matter. Dress code helps to get rid of distractions in school, and I think it’s good to remove your hat when you arrive to school because it’s respectful. In my eyes, most of the students obey the dress code. I have seen a few outliers, but since it is my third year here, it’s not a point of mine to chase down students.”

According to The Morgan School Student/Parent Handbook, the following clothing materials will not be allowed in this school:

  1. Shirts and/or blouses which reveal the abdomen, chest, or undergarments.
  2. Shorts, miniskirts, or pants which reveal the upper thigh or undergarments.
  3. See-through clothing, tube tops, or clothing designed as sleepwear.
  4. Attire or accessories which depict logo or emblems that encourage sexual explicit messages, the use of drugs, tobacco products, or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Attire or accessories which contain overtly offensive or disruptive writing or pictures likely to unduly disrupt the educational environment, or which constitute “fighting words”.
  6. Head coverings of any kind, including but not limited to scarves, bandannas, masks, headbands, visors, kerchiefs, athletic sweatbands, hats, caps, or hoods. Any head covering worn to school, needs to be put away upon arrival into the building. Approved coverings worn as part of a student’s religious practice or belief shall not be prohibited under this policy.
  7. Footwear which mars floors or is a safety hazard.
  8. Sunglasses, whether worn or carried.
  9. Spiked or studded accessories, over-sized or multi-finger rings, oversized metal belt buckles, or any any clothing item may be present safety hazard to the student, other students, or staff.

The administration has the right to deem other items inappropriate if they are considered a safety hazard or distraction to the educational practice.