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Favorite Classes


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Ashlyn Harris

From core classes to electives and languages, there are many different classes here at Morgan. Some are required, while others are optional. What classes do people like the most though and why would they?

Senior Jordyn Suraci’s favorite class is video production. She enjoys it because “it’s fun and new.” She would take it again if she had another year of high school left and recommends people to take this class.

Junior Kyle Gray’s favorite class is electronic music. “It is a fun class to be involved with and is very easy subject to grasp.” He hasn’t taken this class before because it is new, but he recommends this class because it is fun.

Junior Ashlyn Harris enjoys the cooking classes the most. She said, “I enjoy cooking so much. It is a very fun class where you learn a lot. Cooking is something you will do throughout your whole life. I’ve made a lot of friends through the class. Also, you get to make and eat good food! I took Foods 1 my sophomore year and Foods 2 my junior year. I signed up for it because I wanted to learn more about cooking and because I really enjoyed cooking class in Eliot as well.” She plans on taking Culinary 1 and 2 next year during her senior year. Ashlyn definitely recommends taking this class. “I recommend people take it earlier in their high school career that way if they like Foods I, they can continue to take the other foods classes. Also because you cannot take foods 1 as a senior anymore.”

Junior Nina Kelly’s favorite class is AP Spanish. “We always start off the class with a discussion about things that are currently happening in our lives like our teacher’s basketball experiences or our classmates’ achievements. We always joke around during this class but still get all of the hard work done. I have obviously learned a lot from this class because I can now write essays in Spanish and talk to native Spanish speakers at work. I like learning about the culture and governments of these Spanish countries as well. I feel like we can learn a lot without being overwhelmed by homework as well.” This is the first year she has taken AP Spanish; however, she has taken Spanish every year and cannot take it again. “I would recommend this class if you want to have a more laid back class that still gets all the work done.”

Sophomore Lee Broderick’s favorite class is geometry. “It’s my favorite because it’s really simple, and I love doing math. I would recommend it to other people because it’s fun.” Lee would like to take this class again, but he doesn’t think that he can.

Senior Matt Capece’s favorite class is Spanish. He said, “This is my favorite class because my teacher [Mrs. Luther] always creates a positive environment, and I am most interested in this subject. I would recommend people take this class because I believe speaking Spanish is a nice skill to have in today’s environment, and it is a nice skill to have as it helps with jobs.”

There are so many great classes here, and there´s always a reason behind why a certain class is someone´s favorite.

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