Morgan Golf On Top


Written by Ashlyn Chidsey |

On Monday, June 1, The Morgan Golf Team competed to defend their shoreline title for the third year in a row. On Monday, June 8, they competed to defend their state title for again, the third year in a row; they did just that. For these past three years, Senior Maxx Bugg and Junior Kevin Daley helped represent their team in the tournament.  This year they had the help from Sophomore Jack Bugg, Sophomore Burton Caldwell, Senior Shawn Topping in the shoreline tournament, and Junior Michael VanNess in the state tournament.

golfAs imagined, this is a very exciting time for all of those who participate on the golf team. Maxx stated, “Winning the state tournament 3 years in a row is amazing and it really shows that hard work does pay off.” Maxx has made all-state all 4 years of high school, but assured that golf is no doubt a team sport, and it could not have been done without everyone else. Kevin is also very excited about the results. “Winning three years in a row is really cool, Maxx and I have progressed a lot over the past three years, and this year some of the younger players were really able to step up and stay calm, cool, and collected. I’m really proud of all my teammates, and our coach [English teacher Eric Bergman] has been there to help us through the rough times in the beginning of the year and the good times at the end.”

The success doesn’t stop there. Not only has the team won the shoreline and state tournament, but they golfalso broke a series of records this year. For example, one of the tournaments this year in Old Saybrook, with the 4 lowest scores the team collectively broke a school record of shooting 142. Mr. Bergman is extremely proud of his team and admires the hard work they put in. “Winning shorelines and states doesn’t get tiring; it’s an opportunity that you can’t take for granted. The streak won’t last forever and I wonder what it will be like when we don’t get it, but as for now, we have to enjoy this wonderful, celebratory feeling that we all have.”

Photos by Steady Photography