Covering a Century in a Year: Freshman Museum Project


Written By Patrick Markovics and Wyatt Reu |

This year was the first of History teacher Emily Russell’s year-long museum project . Freshman taking Honors U.S. History completed the project.  Using several different artifacts from several different decades, the students had to show how a certain component (like music, film, technology) of the last century created the American identity.

The U.S History classes used a Google Sites template for our projects. The idea of the project was for the students to create a virtual museum. History teacher Emily Russell said “The project went exceptionally well, and everyone did excellent.” Freshman Wyatt Reu did his museum project on science and technology from 1900 up to the 1980s. Wyatt said “I learned a lot about my topic, and it really helped me understand how America has progressed in the last century.” Another student from the honors class, freshman Anes Gadun thought it was  “cool to see how America changed through the years.” Freshman Matt Newfield put in lots of effort the whole year and said “My topic was science and technology, and it was cool to see how fast technology has grown.” Another freshman student, Ray Rigat loved the project because “It was an educational gift sent from above.” Overall, many people are proud of their work and enjoyed the project!


The A period museums; becoming a modern American can be seen here and the F period students museums can be seen here.