Cold Blooded Creatures on The Move


Written by Patrick Markovics |
Photos by Amber Vuilleumer, Judy Chicoine, Amanda Thompson and other attendees |

Last year, Science program chair Chris Luther and his two AP Biology  classes visited Joel school bringing many fantastic reptiles to enlighten the students. Students were paired and assigned a specific reptile to research.  Then, they combined everyone’s information and created a slideshow to show all the children.

This year the AP Biology classes and Mr.Luther decided to do something different. The 23 students of both classes created a movie to show all the children at the younger schools! The movie was directed by Nola Neri and Courtney Carroll. Each student again was assigned a specific reptile and had to know the animal inside and out. In the movie, the setting is Africa, and the AP students are on a safari. Students from the class also asked Morgan teachers and  students a question “What is a cold blooded creature?” Felonius the hedge hog, although not a cold blooded creature, also was a hit with the students.  He even got a special sequence in the video: Cold Blooded Creatures .

The AP biology class shared the video on Monday, June 1 when they visited two schools this year:  Joel and Pierson. Mr. Luther who use to do reptile shows to help pay for his college expenses presented the movie, the slideshow and the animals. Students displayed the animals and walked around with them to give the children a closer look.

Junior Savannah Skidmore said “The project is fun and and a great learning experience.” Another junior Vaughn Nangle said ” The project is cool, and we go to Joel school.”  The students at Joel and Pierson received the presentation well.  Some of the young students were especially impressed because when they are old enough to attend Morgan, they will be able to take a class that allows them to handle reptiles.