Promoting Morgan


The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian

Written by Chris Vicino |

This fall Independent Film class created a film promoting The Morgan School. There were nine of us who worked on the project: Seniors B.Nuccini, C.LeMay, J.Escobales, A.Harvey, T.Ribeiro,  B.Baisden, C.Vicino, K.Iovene and junior T. Williams. We all had our own particular job to do in order to make the film. Britney was the director of the entire operation; Chase and Justin were the video designers; Troy R. Byron and Alex were in charge of the interviews, and Troy W. Kurtis and I filmed the clips. Our technology teacher Allison Corbett, was the leader in all this. Without her we would not have known how to produce this video. So a big thanks to her too!

The video was created to showcase Morgan for the people outside of these halls.  From academics to athletics there is something for everyone here. Since The Morgan School isn’t the biggest school, everyone knows each other and most everyone gets along with one another, which makes Morgan a big family. There are not many schools that provide such a comfortable learning environment for students.


Beckett Morgan Independent Film