College Knowledge Day at Eastern


Written by Cameron LeClaire  Photos by Wyatt Reu |

This year forty freshmen students visited Eastern Connecticut State University for College Knowledge day on Wednesday May 20, 2015. Guidance Counselors Joni Capobianco  and Jan O’Brien along with freshmen adviser and Mathematics teacher Monica Mikulski accompanied the students. This trip was designed to inspire the freshmen students attending the trip to dream and plan for their college future while exploring different career options.

When the Freshman visited Eastern, they were able to participate in college and career related activities and discussions. Some of these included “Preparing for the Future,” where they learned how to research and chose the college that is right for them, and “Financing my Future” which included how to manage money, grants and loans. They also participated in an activity called   ” When I Grow Up,” which introduced different job opportunities.

Freshman Courtney Viglione explained how much she enjoyed the trip. “It was very educational and gave me a good idea of what college life is like and what I need to do to prepare for the future.”   Freshman Madison Seeger described how “it was able to help [her] know what to look for when choosing the right college.”

Many of the seminars were worth while and were very fun. These included college jeopardy and guessing college logos and the alma maters of celebrities. These activities motivated the freshmen to plan for college.

Overall it was an eye opening experience for the forty freshmen who decided to take this trip.