Poem in Your Pocket Day!


Written by Wyatt Reu and Cameron LeClaire  |

Mrs. Fasulo'sToday, the journalism class hopped into two freshman English classes, Mrs. Fasulo’s and Ms. Frydenborg’s. Several students in each class had their poems and read them to us. Poem in your pocket day continues to be a hit at Morgan.  Teachers and students both participated in this event. In the end, there were 10 winners! The first three names that we pulled will recieve the top prizes. The winners are named down below.

1) Rebecca Turner

2) Garrett Saranich

3) Dominique Burrows

4) Josh Barabas

5) Juan Avila

6) Courtney Viglione

7) Yashvine RaiYashveen Rai

8) Antonio Tran

9) Maya Kadel

10) Vaughn Nangle

If you were named above come pick up your prizes in room 43! Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

[wpvideo zsK25zJp]  [wpvideo PQXycT0F]   [wpvideo FuEDaSqj]