¡Viva España!


Written By Ashlyn Chidsey Photos by Spain Travellers

From April 1st to April 8th, 21 Spanish students and 4 faculty members went on a week long field trip to Spain. Everyone seemed to have a blast, visiting multiple cities such as Madrid, Seville, and Cordoba. Senior Jamie Naccarato says, “It was a great experience in which I got the opportunity to submerge myself into the culture.” The students walked around ordering their food and talking to others in Spanish. They were able to see many different attractions, it was full Spain experience for everyone. Senior Olivia Giannotti says, “It was an amazing experience. Myfavorite part was the flamingo dancing because it was very intense and entertaining. We were sitting right in front; their sweat was even dripping onto us.” Spanish teacher Susan Peterson was the head of the trip and other chaperons were World Language teacher Jean Sunny, assistant super attendant Maryann O’Donnel, and Spanish teacher Laura Luther. Señora Luther said, “It was good times with good people. We saw so many things that we thought we would only see in the books.”