The Huskies Invade Chinatown


Written and photos by Wyatt Reu |

On March 23, 2015, students in Morgan’s Chinese program visited Chinatown, New York in an exciting 7 hour adventure that spanned the entire borough. Led by Chinese teacher Jin Lao Shi, we roamed the streets of Chinatown and Flushing, experiencing Chinese culture, and trying new Chinese foods.

We saw Chinese people playing chess in the park, and lots of traditional decorations hung on and around buildings. There were many fresh marketplaces with authentic Chinese food such as duck and lychee, (a Chinese fruit) and tons of authentic Chinese restaurants. We spoke to native Chinese people in Chinese saying, “Ni hao ma?” and “xie xie” which means “How are you?” and “Thank you”.

Chinatown’s energy and pace was drastically different from Clinton’s. It was great to experience true Chinese culture after learning about it throughout the year.