Put That Poem in Your Pocket!


Written by Wyatt Reu

Every year in celebration of National Poetry Month, people all over the country carry their favorite poem in their pocket to share with others throughout the day. It was brought to the national scene in 2008, after starting in NYC, and to Morgan in 2010. This year, Poem in Your Pocket Day is on Thursday, April 30.Poem in Your Pocket 2

Mrs. Chausse’s journalism class is excited to sponsor this year’s Poem in your Pocket Day at Morgan. Make sure to have your favorite poem in your pocket because if you do, you can not only share your favorite poem with your friends and teachers but you can enter in a raffle to win one of many prizes.

To acquire a raffle ticket, simply have your poem in your pocket and show your English teacher, to get two tickets, read the poem, and to receive three tickets memorize and recite your poem.

Last year Poem in Your Pocket Day was a huge success at Morgan, and we hope this year will be just as great!