Little Libraries come to Clinton!


Written by Patrick Markovics |

Little Library

In  2009 Todd Bol, a Wisconsin native, made  the first Little Library. A little library allows people to take a book and in return leave a book. A Little Library is made out of wood  and looks like a huge mailbox but instead of holding letters the box is for books. Bol created the Little Library project to honor Andrew Carnegie and his donation of 2,509 libraries to the country. The goal of this project is to create more than 2,510 Little Libraries, and thanks to  The Morgan School students, this project just got two Little Libraries closer to that goal.

Nick Caprio and his father were the two builders of the first Little Library here in Clinton.

Earlier in the year students of English teacher Eric Bergman’s Freshman Course class came up with a brilliant idea to help out all of Clinton’s community. They came up with the idea to put Little Libraries around the town. One of the Little Libraries will be located across from Grand Apizza next to Liberty Bank on East Main Street while the other one will be located on the Liberty Green. The teacher supervising the project Mr.Bergman said “Once the ground thaws, the Little Libraries will be ready to be put in.” He also said he excepts the Little Libraries to help people “gather and exchange books from a variety of genres.” One of the freshman involved in creating the idea Vincent Tino said ” It’s a great idea because it will provide books for people around town.” Many students say that they will use the Little Libraries when they are put up.  Senior Alan Esposito said “I enjoy reading and will use the libraries to give and take books.” Alan will be one of the many to use the Little Library, like many other people in the town.