Spattering Art


Written by Vivian Tran
Photo by Vivian Tran, Alvina Tran, and Cathleen Cole

art2This year students are eager to join and participate in Art Club. The group is larger than ever thanks to the Art Club president Junior Amber Vuilleumier  and co-presidents Juniors Jamie Corcoran and Darcy LaFrance. These creative young ladies have made the Art Club successful by inspiring students to use art to help the community. Mrs. Neri, the art teacher at The Morgan School is very pleased with the students, “It’s great to see creative students with common interest in art  come together to get to know each other and share ideas.”

Jamie Corcoran said, “Art club is a great place to expand on your artistic talents. We do projects exploring different styles and will provide lessons if needed. We are trying to give back to the community and provide a place for blossoming artists. We work together with the library for some projects and are always looking for other opportunities for projects.”

Darcy LaFrance said, “I believe art club is a great outlet for teens wanting to do something creative and fun. It allows us to be expressive and to do our own thing. Each week we have little fun projects to work on, but you don’t necessarily have to do that. These past few weeks we’ve had fun making Valentine’s Day cards using white colored pencils on black paper and colorful, rainbow pictures on white. It’s a really great group of people, and I’m happy to be part of it.”

Amber Vuilleumier said “Art club strives to complete projects for the community as well as to serve as a place for high schoolers to relax and do what they love most. The other co president and I are thinking of numerous projects we could do that would help the community. We also focus on different styles of art to widen the art aspect. Art club is a great place to share one’s individual ideas and see them come to life.”

During December Art club went to the Henry Carter Library to make murals in the teen room. Then on Valentine’s Day the Art Club made cards to give away to others at the Henry Carter Hull Library.The art club hopes to continue to contribute to the community through art.

amber artAmber Vuilleumier had done other excellent service outside of the Art Club. Over the summer 2014, she and her mother painted a mural at  Peregrine Landings. Also she contributes to the Henry Carter Hull Library. She painted a beautiful painting for the teen room of the Clinton Beach. Amber will also be teaching a series of four workshops in March for teens at the Henry Carter Hull Library. Her devotion and ambitions to help the community with art is astonishing.