Bienvenue au club!


Written by Jadan Washington |

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Courtney Carroll, Tara Dailey, Caleigh Heske, Meghan Lindsay, Rebecca Turner, Amber Vuilleumier were inducted into the French National Honor Society.

The candles
The candles

The French National Honor Society induction is a big event each year.  The inductees are juniors who do exceptionally well in their French 4 class. Seniors who were inducted last year help run the ceremony. They also give a small speech in French that will be repeated in English so the students and parents are able to understand the ceremony. To be inducted, the students need an average of a B- in Honors or an A- in College Prep to qualify, as well as a high semester average in the rest of their classes.

The students were inducted in by current members Leah Campano, Jaxson Cooper, Alaina Hartnett, Chase LeMay, Kaitlyn Lucas, and Andrew Tran. The ceremony is very similar to the National Honor Society or Spanish Honor Society inductions, with traditional candle-lighting rituals and distribution of certificates by the senior members