Where’s the Senior Picnic?


Written By Ashlyn Chidsey |

Every year at The Morgan School, the senior class decides on a destination for its senior picnic at the end of the year. The past three years the seniors have all chosen to go to Brownstone Quarry, an exploration and discovery park filled with zip lines, cliff jumps, water slides, and more. However, the Class of 2015 decided it was time for a change. The Pawprint confirmed that this year’s senior picnic will be held at Six Flags New England.


Photo Via Theme Park Review
Photo Via Theme Park Review

If you’ve been living in New England for a while, then you probably have been to Six Flags at least once; if you haven’t, then you should go! Six Flags is an amusement park filled with roller coasters for all ages, a thrilling water park, activity booths, and of course, delicious food! The senior class advisor, Mrs. Dow, described the trip in further detail. “We will leave school by 7 so we can get to the park opening by 9. We have our own picnic area, and the students will be able to wander around and do anything they want; we will basically run the park.”

Mrs. Dow had mentioned that a few students orginally thought that Six Flags was not a good idea because we would not all be together in a specific area, as one class. Our senior class president, Catie Lemontangue, assures us that this destination will be fun. “I think that its good to switch up. We’ve been going to Brownstone for the past three years so its time for a change. We will all be able to hang out with our friends and go off on our own.”  Senior Bailey Shea agrees with Catie. “Our class is a unique class. We like to do things different than everyone else. If we have any sort of tradition going, we’re going to break that up.”

The date for the senior picnic is on Friday, June 12. Unfortunately, because of the expense of going out of state, seniors will have to pay for part of their ticket. The cost will be $40, but that will include features such as a pass to the theme park and water park, food for the picnic such as hamburgers, hotdogs, and more, and a free pass to return to the park whenever you want until the end of September 2015! Mrs. Dow is hoping to eventually lower the cost and return a portion of money back to the students closer to the day we go, but for now she needs to send in the initial deposit. Seniors, don’t forget to go down to the library soon and buy your ticket!

We look forward to the adventure at Six Flags; it’s one of the last times our class will all be together before graduation. Thank you to Mrs. Hagness and Mrs. Dow for allowing this to happen!