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College Life: Morgan Graduates Advise


Written by Sophie Roman |

Every year Morgan graduates come back to The Morgan School to share their first semester experiences at college  with the juniors and seniors at Morgan.  The panel offers a different perspective on college life.

Juniors and seniors look at information about acceptance rates, which schools look at SAT scores, whether the school is private or public, and what kind of grades and extra curricular grades are needed to get in, the fields of study offered, and whether the school has an honors program or not. High school students prepare academically for college by taking AP classes and making honor roll.

All of this academic preparation is essential. However, students are not preparing themselves for the other adjustments in college. Eli Phelps and Andrew Tessman

The college panel focuses on the college life that we will experience. The college panel is a great way for students to learn from the first hand stories about the non-academic parts of college.

The college panel this year included students who live at college as well as commute. The colleges the graduates attend ranged from Middlesex Community College to Temple University. The panel represented a wide range of schools and experiences which could apply to any type of student.

“It was interesting. It made me think about where I want to go. The people made me think about commuting as an option,” says Junior Kayla Moran. Before attending the college panel, Kayla thought only about living at school. The college panel made her realize the expenses of college and how it may be an option to commute as it costs less money.

Students at the college panelSenior James Neri said, “It was very educational when they were talking about parties. They said always have someone with you.” Some schools have a dry campus meaning there is no alcohol allowed on campus. Graduates reminded us that we live in a small town, so when we get to college, big parties with a lot of people can be dangerous. They urged us to always stay with a friend. Junior Mateo Zumpano thought “They gave a lot of good advice. Always be in a group at a party. Even if you’re a dude.”

“It was most helpful when they talked about relationships with teachers. Put in the effort, and they’ll like you,” says Senior Jordan Corrigan. Some students believed professors didn’t care about you before attending the college panel.

All the feedback was positive from juniors and seniors who attended. “It was nice to hear from a student’s College panelears. It was more real. They told the bad stuff and the good,” said Junior Ethan Paradis.

Senior Troy Ribeiro explained, “I was nervous knowing that I wasn’t going to have anyone around and that my roommate wasn’t going to be ideal. But you have to suck it up and work it out.” The college panel all agreed that you won’t find a roommate exactly the same as you, but you have to make the best of it.

The panel was very informative, however, some students wished there was more time to ask questions. Many students wish to thank Mrs. O’Brien for the opportunity to attend the panel.

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