Should There Be Senior English Requirements?


Written by Charlotte Limosani |

During freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year English is a requirement. But during senior year, students have many different options for them to take in order to meet the English credit requirement. There are many different electives that you can choose from when signing up for your classes senior year such as Senior Writing, Film Study, Humanities, Creative Writing, UCONN English and many more. Some students decide to stay in the honors program, so they continue taking Honors English classes, despite the opportunity to take lower level elective English classes. Some students just choose electives to fulfill their English credit requirement.

When asked if students should be required to take a senior English class, English teacher Mr. Serenbetz said, “Well I am of two minds about it. I think that all seniors should be strongly encouraged to take Senior Writing, but I also think by senior year, students should have some options so they can take things that have really interested them. One semester of Senior Writing and one semester of whatever they choose will be ideal”. The students seem to agree with what Mr. Serenbetz says, Senior Tasha Walker said, “I think it is important to take an English course because they are usually based around writing and that’s an important aspect of your freshman year in college. I’m really happy that I chose to take Humanities because it introduced me to a lot of art history”.

It is important to find a balance with your classes as well as have variety that way you can keep up your hard work but also have a fun time in an English elective class. Senior Leah Campano said, “It is nice being able to keep taking my honors classes that way I can stay in the Honors Program but also I am able to take electives so I am not entirely in over my head with all of the work I have to complete. It is important to find that balance.”

When asked about whether Senior English should be required, English teacher Leslie Chausse said, “It allows the students to choose a class that they are interested in. I would hope that would make them more invested in the class.” Mrs. Chausse enjoys teaching seniors, “I like teaching them especially because I have had some as freshman. It is fun to see how they have grown up and what they are planning for next year. Seniors are more secure with who they are.”

Senior Madison Heidkamp said, “I think the elective Senior Writing is important to take because it helps a lot with college essays. It has really helped me to improve my writing”. Senior Writing prepares students for the writing they will be doing in college.

Mr. Serenbetz
Mr. Serenbetz

When asked about teaching seniors, Paul Serenbetz, said, “I’ve taught underclassmen a long time, but I think the first half of the year until April, students are very engaged and mature, along with their level of thinking. After April, you might as well be talking to the wall”. Mr. Serenbetz teaches Honors Humanity this year so it is evident that even honors students tend to get “senoiritis” as the year nears its end.

Seniors will be seniors whether teachers like it or not. Senioritis is certainly seen here in The Morgan School as graduation approaches. It is good that students are able to choose which classes they want to take so that they can maximize their last year here at Morgan.