Flying High-Flight Overnight


Students from last year’s Flight fundraiser

Written by Amanda LaRiviere and Sam Pansa |

Images via Flight Trampoline Park 

Last year class of 2016’s  Flight fundraiser was a success. Students from all classes attended. They got to jump on trampolines all night. This year the Class of 2016 will be hosting the same fundraiser on Friday, February 20th, from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Mathematics teacher Stephanie White, the coordinator of this trip, shared details about the event, “It’s an overnight trip to the Flight Trampoline Park in New Britain. We get the entire building to ourselves. Last year we had food, a movie playing, and we got to create our own playlist to listen to.” Unlike last year’s trip, this year’s will have tons of activities, and students can look forwards to a different experience. Ms. White commented, “Throughout the night there will be different competitions that you can win a prize for, so if you went last year then we’ll have different things. For example we might have who can do the coolest trick on the trampoline, or a dodgeball tournament.”

Sophomore Hannah Scarpace reflected on her experience at the overnight trip last year, “I enjoyed it. It was fun. It gave us a break, and we got to connect and hang out with kids we don’t always get to. It was different from any other field trip I have been in.”

Sophomore Haley Kells-Murphy is new to the school and had just learned about Flight, “I love trampolines so much. When I was younger my family had one, and I’d be on there all day. Flight sounds so fun, and I’d love to go.”

The trip itself is $40, which includes the cost of Flight, food and transportation. Since there are only 90 spots for students who want to go, it is first come, first serve. All money must be given to Ms. White prior to your name being put on the list. Checks should be made out to the Class of 2016. Fill out the Online Liability Waiver by following this link.