A New Staff Member at the Morgan School


By Marcus McDermott|

Social Studies teacher Emily Bollman joined the Morgan community this fall.   Ms. Bollman has successfully acclimated to the school and will continue to fill in for Social Studies teacher Diana Rizzo at least through midterms.

Connecticut born and raised, Ms. Bollman  wanted to be a teacher “probably since the sixth grade.” Her dreams were later realized when she got both her undergraduate degree and masters degree at Boston University. She explained that getting the position at Morgan, “was actually kind of a really lucky break IMG_6664because I moved into my grandmother’s house in Clinton and started subbing here.” Students have also reacted well to her teaching. When asked about how the students have reacted she said, “overall well, occasionally testing me, but over all well.” The students seem to enjoy her being here as much as she enjoys teaching.

Outside of school Mrs. Bollman has several different interests. She played Quidditch in college for Boston University and likes to read, play video games, and knit. “I like dogs” she added with a laugh.

We are truly glad to have Ms. Bollman teaching our class world history ,her favorite area of history, while Ms. Rizzo is away. She has successfully become a part of the Morgan community.