New Face in the Office: Mrs. Heidi Bergeron



image via: NC University

Written By: Maya Kadel |

It isn’t too often that there is a new face in the office. This school year a new secretary, Mrs.Heidi Bergeron, joined the Morgan family. Being a secretary in a high school isn’t easy. There are many calls to make and time consuming tasks. The secretary is an excellent source of information for parents. Before Mrs. Bergeron was a secretary for Morgan, she worked in project management.

Mrs. Bergeron said,”I started working in the school system last year. I thought being a secretary was good because I’m organized and work well with people.” There is also a lot of pressure being a secretary. She has to be familiar with the procedures and routines of the school.

The faculty is one of Mrs. Bergeron’s favorite things about Morgan, “everyone’s nice and helpful. The school has a good environment.” Before moving to Connecticut, Mrs. Bergeron lived in San Diego for 10 years. You would think the adjustment would be overwhelming, but Mrs. Bergeron thinks the adjustment went well. “Being a project manager had a different schedule compared to being a secretary” Mrs. Bergeron explained. “but it was a good adjustment working at Morgan.”