What’s Happening Over at the New Morgan School?


The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian

By Madison Heidkamp|

In September 2016, students will be attending the new Morgan School. Mrs. Hagness shared some insightful new information on the progress of the building site. Right now, the workers are preparing the groundwork and meeting with Mrs. Hagness weekly with updates on progress. Mrs. Hagness said “thankfully the weather has been exceptionally well so far so they have managed to get a tad ahead of schedule”.

One change in plans regarding the auditorium is the seating. Originally we were going to take the seating from our current auditorium over to the new school’s; however, now Mrs. Hagness is looking for new seating in the auditorium such as balcony seating.

Classroom setup in the new school is going to be based on the academy model. Classrooms will no longer be grouped by department. For more information, please view Marcus McDermott’s article “The New Morgan School: A Follow Up”. However, there will still be chances for students in different grades to interact with each other such as at lunch time and in the auditorium.

Some of Mrs. Hagness’s personal favorites about the new Morgan are that it will have a more “at home” or comfortable feel with hardwood flooring and lots of windows for light to emulate through. One of the more interesting and exciting facts that pertains to students is that Mrs. Hagness is going to actually allow students to help pick out the seating in the classrooms. She wants their input and will make what she can happen, happen for us. The new Morgan School still has a long way to go. However, if the good weather continues, the current sophomore class will graduate from the new Morgan.