All About Freshmen


Written by: Mikaela Gaudet |
Featured image via: BRANDED3

Freshmen Wyatt ReuFreshmen are finishing their first semester at The Morgan School.  After mid-terms, the freshmen will have completed one eighth of their high school education. Although freshmen took midterms and finals in middle school, those differ from the ones in high school. High school is shaping us for college, which means studying and getting prepared to take tests is more important. Freshman Wyatt Reu said “I think the exams in high school are more challenging. This is the “real deal;” middle school was just practicing and preparing us for high school.”

Coming into the school was an adjustment for the freshmen, but they feel more comfortable with everything now. Wyatt said “I like it the same as when I came.”

Colleges don’t only look for good grades, but for those who are involved in extracurricular activities outside of school. The time to get involved in those activities starts in high school. Freshman Georgia Nye is involved in yearbook and student council, and she said “I like that your able to plan events for the school, and make a difference.”

Many of the freshmen have concerns about how much the middle school mid-terms will differ from the high school ones. Getting prepared for exams is important so clearing up those concerns by asking upperclassmen and their teachers will help. Freshman Madison Seeger said “I want to know how much they will affect my semester grade.” In middle school, exams don’t count as 20% of the semester grade as they do in high school. Georgia said “I’m interested to see if they are harder or the same as the middle school ones.”

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