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Suspense of Superlatives: Seniors 2014

By Tasha Walker |

Every year there is quite the hubbub about the annual voting for yearbook senior superlatives. This year the voting scenario was quite different.  Yearbook Advisor and Library Media Specialist Shannon Robinson had us vote online instead of on paper ballots during our advisory period. Senior Charlotte Limosani shared her views about the new voting system. “I think students should have voted ahead of time for the nominees, and in regards to the online system, I think that we should have voted on paper to avoid the technological problems that students ran into.” Some students had difficultly accessing the website from their phones.IMG_0110

The nominees this year for each superlative were chosen by Mrs. Robinson and a few students from the senior class who are involved with the yearbook. When voting, seniors were able to also nominate anyone of their choice. Kelsey Donaldson was not on the original list of nominees for Best Dressed, but ended up winning due to people individually including her and voting for her.

The superlatives chosen by the yearbook staff for this year were Best Dressed, Most Artistic, Best Hair, Class Clown, Most Likely to Change the World, Most Likely to be a Millionaire, Best Chef, Most Outdoorsy, Most Athletic, Most Talented, and Best Friends.

The results were

Best Dressed: Kelsey Donaldson and Brian Gendron

Most Artistic: Ben Jackson and Tasha Walker

Best Hair: Leah Campano and Connor McGuill

Class Clown: Gabi Donofrio and Chris Taylor

Most Likely to Change the World: Bailey Shea and Chase Lemay

Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Alaina Hartnett and Mitch Nedderman

Best Chef: Amanda Auger and Shawn Topping

Most Outdoorsy: Dan Ayotte and Abby Andrews

Most Athletic: Jen Dawson and Jake Ward

Best Friends: Lyssa Hurlburt and Kait Anderson

Biggest Flirt: Natalie Jones and Greg Lee

Most Talented: Celia Lacross and Charlie Bencivengo

Kait Anderson who was elected Best Friends with Lyssa Hurlburt shared, “It was really cool to be nominated and to be able to have that memory with Lyssa.” Gabi Donofrio laughed as I asked her about being elected for Class Clown. “I’m glad people seem to appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor,” she said.


Not only did students get elected for attributes pertaining to their personalities such as Class Clown and Best Hair but for their talents as well. Amanda Auger and Shawn Topping were able to represent their stellar cooking abilities, while Ben Jackson and I were recognized for our artistic talent. “It feels good to receive recognition for my art,” said Ben. Senior Superlatives definitely give individuals a time to shine.

On Tuesday, December 16 Steady Photography came to the library and took pictures of the winners for this year’s yearbook.



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  • J

    jordanledyardJan 9, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    I really like the people chosen for the superlatives, each one really fits the people chosen. I like this article because it expresses the winners opinions about what they earned. I also like that there are more and unique superlatives this year than there were last year. Good article!