Striving for Safety


Written by Chris Waterbury|IMG_5579

Over the past few years at The Morgan School, security was upgraded.  These changes occurred throughout the state to various schools not just our own. The changes include security cameras around the building, a speaker system, and blue flashing lights in the hallways.

Too often incidents of deadly violence take place in  United States schools. After the infamous Columbine shooting that took place in April 1999 in Colorado and the more recent Newtown tragedy in 2012, schools updated their security procedures.

At The Morgan School, one of the first major changes students noticed was that all students and guests entering the school must enter through the front doors. This allows for better visual contact of the students and guests which helps the staff know who is entering and leaving the building. This year the school has added blue flashing lights at every hallway intersection to work as a visual alarm to alertIMG_5582 students of a lockdown at the school. Although during a lockdown an announcement is made warning students of the situation, the blue lights will accommodate students who may not be able to hear the announcement. The new speakers provide a prerecorded announcement to inform people in the building of a lockdown or other security issue. On Tuesday December 16th students and staff experienced a lockdown which was accidentally tripped causing the speakers and the blue flashing lights to be used.

“Although we hope these security features will never actually have to be used, it is good to know they are there incase of a serious emergency,” explained Mrs. Hagness. Students in the school have opinions on the security precautions as well. When asked how they feel about the updated school security junior Anthony Choronzy said, “I think the the security measures are too much and invasive to the studeIMG_5580nts.” Senior Tasha Walker said,”I don’t think the new additions will prevent anything more than the old security did.”

School security is an important issue.  The precautions school personnel take to protect the students and staff will make a difference if there is a security breach.