Holiday Craft Sale: Resource B


Written by Shelby Alfano |

The 15th annual Holiday Craft Sale is now until December 18th. Resource B decided to do something different from their previous 14 years of the Holiday Craft Sale. This year Resource B is taking orders and hosting an open house on December 18th and December 19th in room 37 from 8:00-2:00. If possible Resource B may have the open house for the Holiday Craft Sale in the main lobby of The Morgan School.

Students from Resource B make the products that are sold. Resource B is a program where the teachers help support students if they need extra academic support.

Some of the products Resource B is making for the Holiday Craft Sale are lighted holiday bottles, live kissing balls, homemade fudge, Santa cookie plates, lighted wreaths, lighted pine baskets, and live flower arrangements.

The products Resource B makes only cost $5-$15 this year.

The lighted holiday bottles come in two sizes, small and large. The bottles are at different prices as well as sizes. They also have three different types of bottles, Wine Decor, Holiday Theme, and Personal Saying. The small costs $8 and the large costs $10.


The live kissing balls cost $15 each.

Resource B

The homemade fudge costs $8 each box. There are 4 pieces of fudge per container. There are four types of fudge, peanut butter, mint, rocky road, and chocolate.

Resource B

The Santa cookie plates cost $8 each set. There are four different types of sets, Rudolf, Santa, Olaf, and Special Request.

Resource B

The lighted wreaths cost $15 each.

Resource B

The lighted pine baskets cost $15 each.

Resource B

The live flower arrangements come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large.The small costs $5, the medium costs $8, and the large costs $10. The medium and large sizes come with a candle in each one.

If you would like to order something from the Holiday Craft Sale, return the special order form by December 18th . If you would like a personal saying wine bottle, or you have a Special Request for the cookie plates, Resource B would like you to write what you would like on the special order form. The orders can be paid in cash or check to Beth Nadeau.

The money made from the Holiday Craft Sale this year is going to support the Resource B program, donations for families in need, and a graduation celebration for seniors.