A Long and Stressful Journey: College Applications


Written by  Madi Heidkamp and Charlotte Limosani |

‘College’ seems to be the only world that comes out of adults’ mouths for all seniors at this time of year. The college process is a long process that many upperclassmen are familiar with. The first few months of school is a very stressful time for all seniors during their first few months of school.  Naviance and The Common App are the two websites that most all schools use for college applications.

When asked about the college process senior Kelly Thompson said, “The hardest part of knowing that you have a lot of different things to get done and it’s all you. No one really helps you. I think that is because it is all online. It is up to date because it is faster and easier with technology.” If anyone has not started the process yet, Senior Chris Waterbury suggested, “Go to your guidance counselor if you need help and have them teach you each step. There should be a mandatory meeting to teach everyone what to do because it is a lot and can be confusing.” Luckily though, each guidance counselor schedules a meeting with each senior and their guardian in order to help them begin to embark in their journey to college. This process is something that needs to be started early.

Chris Waterbury

Guidance counselors here at The Morgan School are extremely helpful with this process. When talking to Guidance Counselor Joni Capobianco, she told us that “Things online are both a blessing and a curse. It is so fast and accessible. I like that you can control what step you are at; however, what I don’t like is when technology fails, and we cannot control it. I have learned to do things way ahead of time in case there is a glitch. Everyone needs to be willing to be part of the process. The staff is wonderful, but there is always going to be people who need support. Some feel uncomfortable with technology. It is really good but has obstacles but also is a lot cleaner and more controllable”. Students as a whole do like this process once it is brought to their attention, and they become familiar with it.

Overall, the college process can be a bit tricky however, students are not alone. We have many faces to turn to, and we should especially rely on our wonderful guidance counselors because this is what they do best.