Jim Spinnato Takes the Stage Once Again


Written by Charlotte Limosani|

hypnotistOne of the most popular events that happens during the school year at Morgan is the hypnotist show. This is an annual fundraiser for Project Grad that always brings in good income that allows them to benefit greatly. Many students attend this function for not only is the show extremely funny, but very entertaining as well.

Hypnotist Jim Spinnato, always puts on quite the show.  Students who attended the show previously are very excited with his reappearance. Senior Kelly Thompson, says, “I think it’s a fun and hilarious way to raise money for our own Project Grad.” Even teachers are looking forward for him to come back again. Spanish teacher Mrs. Luther, says, “It is awesome! It’s pure entertainment. There is no way they can fake the things that they do. It is that good!” His show appeals to all different ages and will definitely fill your night with entertainment.

The past three years of high school I have gone every year to go and see the show and yearned for myself to be up there being the one getting hypnotized. I am so excited that I am finally a senior and able to try to get hypnotized and be a part of the show.


Aside from the show he puts on, Spinnato performs a mini show for Mrs, Shook’s psychology class in the library a few weeks before the actual show. The actual show will take place in The Morgan School auditorium on Thursday, November 13th at 7 pm. Tickets will cost $10 and can be purchased at the door. If the attend the show, you are sure to be glad you did.

For more information and pictures, read the article on last year’s show: Jim Spinnato Hypnotizes