18 Inducted to the National Honor Society


IMG_6107Written by Jordan Ledyard |
Photos by Tulsi Patel, Alaina Hartnett

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a part of the National Society of High School Scholars? To be inducted your Junior year of high school, you must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.750, good leadership skills, a history of volunteer work for the community and school,and good character. There are currently 28 Morgan students in the National Honor Society.

National Honor Society Adviser and mathamatics teacher, Ms. Stephanie White said, “Students with a GPA of at least 57 out of 70 get an application.  If their GPA is high enough, then a panel of teachers get together to review the application to see who gets into the National Honors Society.”

Students may resign from the National Honor Society, but Ms. White said there have not been any students who choose to resign. However, there are certain grounds for dismissal from the National Honor Society. “We do probation before dismissing a student from the National Honor Society. Grounds for probation or dismissal are things that could effect the pillars of the National Honor Society and no longer make a student eligible. Cheating, school suspension, and a drop in grade point average could effect a student’s elegibility and are grounds for probation and/or dismissal.” When asked about how the Morgan School goes about induction,Ms. White explained, “Induction at the Morgan School is a ceremony dinner in which each student lights a candle to vow their loyalty to the National Honors Society.”

The students inducted into the National Honor Society on November 18th, 2014 were Meghan Lindsay, Michael Fiorillo, Kate Mozzochi, Savannah Skidmore, Albert Viglione, Emily Popp, Michael Baker, Amanda Thompson, Cara Morello, Jenna Egan, Rebecca Turner, Tara Dailey, Kayla Burt, Amber Vullemiere, Patrick O’Shea, Judith Chicoine, Mike VanNess,  and Caliegh Heske.