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Senior Night


Written By: Amanda LaRiviere and Sam Pansa

After a season of hard work, determination, and pride, seniors of each sport are recognized on their last regular season home games. Some seniors have successfully completed four years of the sport they have put their heart into, while others may have joined recently. These athletes have led their teams through victory and loss, and deserve to be put in the spotlight for their final high school game.

Charlotte Limosani, captain of the field hockey team, reflected upon her time on the field, “I started playing field hockey when I was a freshman, so I’ve been playing for four years.” When asked about her reaction to her own senior night, after having seen seniors in the past go through the experience, she responded, “It was really exciting; I knew that it was going to be sad, and my last game at home was very depressing since I knew I was going to be leaving the team.” She also reflected on how she has grown as a player and a leader when she said, “I was able to improve a lot because I ended up becoming a captain, scoring goals…and I definitely learned a lot about the sport. I hope I was a role model and example to show them (the younger players) how to help out teammates and to help everyone else succeed.” Kelly Thompson, Macy Lebert, and Kirstin Beatty are the other seniors who have greatly impacted the team.

Morgan girls volleyball has had a lot of talent and success, especially with the family-like bond between the players. Seniors: Jen Dawson, Ashlyn Chidsey, Kait Anderson, Amy Dahlberg, and Vivian Tran made extraordinary contributions to the team and program with three Shoreline titles and one State title throughout their years playing. Amy Dahlberg commented on her experience at senior night, “I would say my expectations were met; the food was better than all the other years. I thought all the speeches were a lot better too; they were more in depth and personal because people on the team were a lot closer this year than last year. I thought all the parents who put stuff together made it more set up as a senior night than all the other ones before it. It was sad that it would be the last time I would play on the home court. Good luck to the upcoming seniors, win shorelines and states next year and get closer as a team.”

Freshman Anes Gadun commented on his experience with upperclassmen on the boys soccer team, “I feel like they treated me as an equal person. They really didn’t care that I was younger than them. They just said “don’t worry. You’re a freshman…Just calm down and have fun…””.  When asked about how the senior night was and what his expectations are for his own senior night in 3 years, Anes replied, “We had a lot of support from the other students of The Morgan School. I’m kind of excited and kind of dreading the thought of my last game for Morgan, but I’m just hoping that when the time does come a lot of people will come to the game.” As a final message to the seniors, Anes says, “Thanks for making my freshman year playing Morgan soccer very memorable, and hopefully we can play soccer some more.” The seniors who have led the team this year were Chase LeMay, Dwight Carmona, Kevin Puljos, Alex Barabas, Martin McBride, Troy Ribeiro, Tyler Ribeiro, Andrew Tran, and Erik Karelieussen.

Girls soccer made great strides this year, making it into the state quarterfinals with seniors Megan McAllister, Olivia Giannotti, Leah Campano, and Kelsey Donaldson. Freshman, Maya Kadel gives insight on what her first senior night was like, “Senior night was emotional. It was sad because all the families were crying because it was one of the last games for the seniors. It was hard playing with the seniors because they have more experience, but you eventually catch on. I’ll miss them next year.”

Morgan cross country celebrated their senior “morning” with the graduating seniors: Brian Gendron, Chris Waterbury, Jenna Egan, Trent Gulliford, and Sheron Foster. Senior Chris Waterbury talks about his senior night, “It was fun. It was a good run. It was cold, it was kind of nothing really special, just a normal meet. I’ve been running since sophomore year, and I think I’ve definitely improved my running, and endurance.”

The football season is significantly longer than the rest of the sports seasons, making their senior night later on in the year. Still we pay tribute to the seniors that will graduate this year and all they have contributed to the football team. The football players have done well this year, seven wins and only a few losses. This years team is definitely better than they have been in the past. Good luck to the football team and seniors, Joe Lee, Jake Ward, Gary Forbes, Chris Vicino, Jake Teuner, Eric Peterson, Greg Lee, Chris Seales, and Jace Garcia,  in the rest of their seasonl.

Congratulations to the seniors for playing for Morgan. You will be missed, and the student body appreciates your strides and dedication to making the teams better.

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