Mr. Rapuano: Always Ahead of the Game



Written by Shelby Alfano |

Many were familiar with  Mr. K, the previous in-school suspension monitor, but this year there is someone new taking on his role: Mr. Christopher Rapuano.

Mr. Rapuano is actually a previous graduate from The Morgan School. He graduated from Morgan in 2007. Mr. Rapuano described the changes he noticed in Morgan since he graduated, “The school itself has not changed too much, except some new teachers and the schedule was a little different. It definitely seems like the rules now are enforced better than back when I was in high school.”

Some tasks Mr. Rapuano has to do as the ISS monitor are, “ensure the student’s are completing homework and all class work assignments that are due. I will immediately check the students schedule for what teachers they have that day. I will send out an email asking the teachers if they can bring down any classwork/future homework assignments for the student to complete. Also my duties are to monitor the students in ISS so they follow all school rules/policies. My goal is to give any advice for future improvement so the students don’t end up in ISS again.”Mr. Rapuano

Mr. Rapuano was asked if there have been changes in the procedures since last year. He said, “There are some changes that I implemented. Students have to work on assignments in-order to catch up and not fall behind in their studies. The biggest things that I try to enforce are getting all homework done and completed so that I can e-mail the teacher for additional assignments for the following day to get “ahead of the game.” Something else that changed is the student friend visits. If a student that is in ISS has friends come to see them, I will kindly ask them to leave because they will only be a distraction to the student that I am trying to get on track. Providing any help that I can for the student so they can be successful is a great accomplishment for me.”

Mr. Rapuano has favorite parts about being the ISS monitor. He says that, “being an In-School Suspension Monitor is a great opportunity for me to help out the student. I am constantly emailing teachers getting homework and assignments for the students to help boost up their grade. If a student needs help or is stuck on an assignment,  I will not hesitate to help them if they have a question. My biggest contribution is to make sure that they are very productive while being in ISS. That is my favorite part about being in this position, knowing that I am helping the students be responsible and bettering themselves with future decision making.I don’t want to be just “some guy“; I would like to help the student’s education and potentially help correct any habits that might hinder their education negatively. Knowing that I can make a difference in students’ education by staying on-top of their work and productivity really makes me feel like I am making a positive difference at The Morgan School and for the students’ future. All of my former teachers along with all of the new teachers- everyone has welcomed me in and I am very excited to be back at my graduating high school. We Are Morgan, We are Family!