The Alliance is Strong


Written by Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere |

GSA, for those who don’t know, stands for Gay Straight Alliance, one of our many clubs at The Morgan School. GSA and Juliana Ragonese, who runs the club, have been trying for a while now to get the students at The Morgan School to be more aware of the lgbt+ community.

On Tuesday, during advisory, there will be an assembly to talk about the importance of Ally Week and why The Morgan School should adopt it to make our school community more close.

We talked to Juliana Ragonese,Juliana POL 2014 and she gave us information on what Ally Week really is, “Ally Week was created in 2005 to celebrate allies of the lgbt+ community. An ally is someone who accepts and supports the community. Ally week is used to get people in schools to pledge to become allies. So, students and staff pledge to not use homophobic slurs and language, and they pledge to safely intervene in bullying, if possible. The Morgan School is broadening this idea to challenge students and staff to support everyone and become allies.”

So how can you basically participate in and help be an ally? “To be an ally you can start by respecting and accepting everyone no matter what. An ally can intervene in bullying and harassment, if safely possible.” Juliana tells us.

Being an ally is not hard to do. Just try to support your peers for who they are and that they can’t change themselves.

If you are interested in joining GSA you can talk to Juliana about joining and when meetings are.