Fresh Faces in New Places

Written by Paul Hotchkiss |

This year at Morgan there have been plenty of new surprises. Not only have we accepted new teachers into this family, but plenty of new students as well. This year, there have been 26 new souls passing through these front doors every morning along with the rest of us. They come from private and public schools and even other countries! Many of our current students are interested in meeting them.  They have questions for the new students: “Is that private school you came from just filled with rich snobs?” or  “I’ve heard the school lunches over there are soooo good! Is it true?”.  New students  always  give students a bit of an inside source into lives outside of their own.

IMG_0065Some of these new students have gotten involved in this school via sports or other clubs. One of our French transfers Junior Matt Harrington is a member of the football team. Before living in Clinton, he attended Branford High School during his first year of residency in America. His brother Senior Tom Harrington attends classes here as well. ” I like the school so far,” says Matt ” The people here are so much more open about things here. They are so diverse!” Even though Matt hasn’t been here very long, he can still see the unity that is present at The Morgan School. Matt also had some words to share about being the newest member of this year’s very talented football team. “It’s a whole new level here; the intensity level is very high here, and we all want to win. It’s going to be an amazing experience.” Finally capping off the interview Matt said, ” It’s important for a new kid like me to feel as at home as I do here. It’s certainly a special feeling.”

Not all of our transfers are from a foreign land or a mysterious place. Some were just right down the road the whole time! This year three ex- Xavier students transferred to the school. They had plenty to share about this high-end private school and a ton of comparisons. Sophomore John Veneri said, “Teachers here are less strict. The school environment is so much different. I’m so used to being dressed up in a suit and tie everyday with nothing but guys surrounding me. Here at Morgan I  have so much more freedom to do whatever it is that I please. Xavier was very tough and a little bit too fast paced for me. The best part about being here is I don’t have to wear that ‘Monkey suit’ every day. I can be in comfy clothes.” As a transfer from Xavier myself, I agree that the environment here is so much different. The classes help kids who struggle a bit more than students at Xavier,  and there is a much more relaxed vibe here. We couldn’t have been luckier to get this great new crop of transfers that will hopefully quench everyone’s thirst for change for this whole year.