Morgan Girls Soccer Takes on the Season

Written by: Maya Kadel |


Erin LeViness, Halle DiCrosta, Brianna Navarra and Mikayla Mancini
Erin LeViness, Halle DiCrosta, Courtney Vigilione, Brianna Navarra, Maya Kadel and Mikayla Mancini

Morgan is filled with action-packed sports. Soccer, football and field hockey are just some sports students use to release their energy.  This year many new freshmen joined the Morgan girls soccer team (MGS).

Last year in the fall, most of the freshmen on the soccer team participated on the Eliot school team. Some participated on one or all three of the soccer teams: park & rec, travel and the Eliot team. There was soccer practice every day of the week. Students participating on the three teams worked extremely hard. This year, it’s not much different. The high school team is taken much more seriously, so students have to be mentally prepared as well as physically.The travel team last year was like family. Depressing events occurred last spring, which only brought our team closer together.

The soccer team at Morgan is a big family; members host pasta parties and team bonding sessions. The team members normally talk about what is bothering us, and others may relate to it. Interesting conversations help the team to get to know one another, which causes us to become closer. The team captains: Olivia Giannotti, Kelsey Donaldson and Leah Campano are supportive and always try their best to encourage team mates to be on their “A” game.

When facing difficult teams, everyone has the desire to cheer on the players so they won’t give up hope. The team also encourages soccer fans to come and watch its games. Its a good way to support your school. Consult the Morgan CIAC Calender for the times of upcoming games.

Sophie Roman, Sav Skidmore, Courtney Caroll, Nola Neri, Riley Thomson, Olivia Alvarez and Josie Sullivan
Sophie Roman, Sav Skidmore, Courtney Caroll, Nola Neri, Riley Thomson, Olivia Alvarez and Josie Sullivan

Freshman and athlete on the soccer team Brianna Navarra states , “We have an opportunity to meet new people by participating on the team. High school teams are more competitive, but the captains make sure we are prepared.”The JV coach, Steve Sullivan, is full of enthusiasm and is always looking forward to meeting the new members of the JV team. Head coach, Megan Killbride, is always looking for new ways to improve the team and new strategies to outsmart the other team. When taking the corner kicks during a game, the varsity team came up with a creative code name for different drills. “Husky” and “Blue” are the two commands the person taking the corner kick will shout, then the rest of the team gets in a formation.

At away games, if our team loses or gets in a tie, the bus ride back is supposed to stay quiet. But if we win, athletes are excited and “celebrate” on the way back home. Freshman Halle DiCrosta also enjoys the enthusiasm of her team, “MGS is an amazing team; we all support one another. Captains do a very good job getting everyone together and bonding.”

The Morgan girls soccer team is full of joy and is always looking forward to tough competition.