The Cheer Team’s New Coach

Written by: Mikaela Gaudet |   003      The cheerleading team has a new coach this year, guidance counselor Ms. Capobianco. Freshman Carly Schmeidler said “the team has improved a lot, and the new coach is working very well.”  The team is working very well together.

This year we will be competing only 1 or 2 times just to get the feel of competing against other schools. Ms. C hasn’t been worrying too much about competing because she wants us to have clean routines, tumble, and most importantly create a family. This year’s cheer team started late in the season, but that hasn’t stopped us from being the best team that we can be. We have only been a team for three weeks, but we are still a family. Bonding as a team is very important because it will help all the girls on the team feel welcome.

Ms. Capobianco explains “the girls learn to think about the team as a family, and we can overcome obstacles together. At the end of the day you could look back and say I’m part of a family and I had fun.” Treating others on any team is the most important part of being a mature high schooler.

Freshman Jackie Spear said “everyone is working hard, and because we started so late, everyone is trying to make it work and do the best they can.” Our coach Ms. C has been helping us feel comfortable and confident from the start, and that is part of the reason we’ve been working so hard. This year the team will be cheering for football, basketball, and we will have our own season of competition. Coach Ms. Capobianco explained “participation is always important when it comes to sports. It teaches you discipline and compassion for each other. It also teaches you to grow as a person.” Being part of a school sport teaches you how to be friendly with others and to help others out.

Sophomore Juile Abbatello who was on the team last year says “the team  has potential, and overtime we will do good and be a successful team.”  Ms. Capobianco was a cheerleader when she was young, and she had the best times being on a cheer team. She stated “overall it was amazing, positive, and challenging. It taught me to push myself and never give up. It also got me involved in different clubs. It was tough at times, but well worth it.”

For more information on Ms. Capobianco’s cheerleading backround, view the Harbor News article:  Capobianco was the Perfect Pick to be Huskies Cheer Coach.”