Literacy Coach: Working Behind the Scenes


Written by Ben Jackson |

Have you ever wondered who the friendly man in Mrs. Hart’s room is? Well, he plays a very special role here at Morgan. To many students he may appear to be just another teacher, but in reality he is Morgan’s very own Literacy Coach.

Literacy Coach Jim Messina is his name, and he had a lot of valuable information about his position here at Morgan. He is a teacher who works behind the scenes to help students better their educational experience. As a literacy coach, he is trained in the areas of literacy instruction, assesment, and intervention, all very valuable roles. He will support both teachers and students through modeling new and improved lesson plans.

Mr. Messina explained that he will be contributing directly to the students within this school by “improving instruction and teaching new strategies.” As an expierienced educator Mr. Messina, previously “worked at a Catholic school in New Haven for 8 years” teaching both 5th and 8th graders.

Mrs. Hagness knows Mr. Messina will be a great resource: “He is here to help our teachers create new lesson plans and further help the advancement of our language department.” English Teacher Paul Serenbetz enjoys working with Mr. Messina: “He is very friendly and helpful!”

We are all happy to welcome Mr. Messina to The Morgan School community.