Ground Breaking News on the New Morgan


Written by Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere |
Photos taken by Technology Education Teacher Ted Enoch |

The new Morgan was an idea that seemed too far away to ever reach. With ground being broken on Monday,September 22, the idea is turning into a reality.

Principal Mrs. Hagness reported that “every part of the building will be air-conditioned” much to our relief.

Sadly there will be no swimming pool in the new school, so the swim team is going to have to look forward to spending more time with the swim team of HK.

Of course we had to find out what the gym was going to be like. What kind of school would Morgan be without the sports? Mrs. Hagness shared the details about the new gym: “There are still going to be two gyms. There will be a retractable divider, and it will be bigger so we can hold championship games which we have never been able to do before. You will be able to see from the second level the gym from below; much like Pierson.”

The new school is going to be an entirely different place compared to The Morgan School building now. Rumors were going around as to what the cafeteria would look like. Mrs. Hagness explained, “It’s not two levels. It’s sunken down. It will include a variety of seating options. So like a food court in the mall, there will be an opportunity for a charging station for your electronic device, bar seating, and diner booths like in The Learning Commons and round tables.”

Another add-on is going to be an outdoor eating arrangement,”Outside of the food court we will have an outside amphitheater. For classes it will be where teachers can take their students outside, and during lunch students can eat outside, and it will be facing the fields which will be really pretty.”  For a look at the plans for the new school, view “The New Morgan School: A Final Update” by Michael Baker.

If there are no further delays, the graduating class of 2017 can look forward to being the first ever graduating class from the new Morgan.