The Intern


A presentation of wedding pictures of his family

Written by Marcus McDermott|

This school year the student body of Morgan returned to find several changes regarding The Morgan School. One of the most prevalent changes of the year involved the staff. On the first day of school, I met Mr. Augusta who was, at the time, the substitute teacher for Ms. Rizzo. After she returned, however, Mr. Augusta assumed his new role at our school.Mr. Augusta

Mr. Augusta is The Morgan Schoo’ls roaming intern for the year. Previously he taught at a private school, but now Mr. Augusta is an unpaid intern. After getting his degree at Quinnipiac University he taught at a private school in Kent, Connecticut for twenty seven years. After moving to Clinton, Mr. Augusta decided to earn his teaching certificate in Quinnipiac’s MAT program. Morgan pays the fee for this program as an alternative to paying him. As an intern, he “hopes to gain experience in a public school setting.”

Mr. Augusta will be filling a variety of roles during the school year. From talking to students to substituting in other classes, he hopes to gain a feel for the school overall to prepare him for the rest of his career teaching at other public schools in Connecticut.