What Does Everyone Really Think About STEP?


Written by Charlotte Limosani|

STEP is a program that introduces the new incoming freshmen to Morgan and allows them to become comfortable with the school, upperclassmen, and even teachers. The mentors help them to familiarize themselves with all different aspects of the school. I was wondering what people actually thought about the STEP program from the new freshmen, to the mentors, to the teachers.

As a STEP mentor the paIMG_0034st two years, I saw how STEP  helps the incoming freshmen. They get to know the upper class mentors, the school, and teachers. They learn what Morgan is all about. It gives the freshman some comfort to walk in on the first day of school and to recognize a friendly face. Freshman, Matt Newfield, says, “It helped me out with the directions of the school and I was able to meet some upperclassman. I got to learn my schedule which really helped a lot. It was also helpful to get my locker combination down.”

Different STEP mentors also shared what they thought about the program. Senior, Kirstin Beatty explained, “STEP was really good, I wish I could do it every year, but I’m graduating so I can’t. I did it every year that I was here, and it’s just really good because you get to know everyone. I think it’s really good for the freshmen”. Sophomore, Autumn Johnson agrees, “STEP was really fun this year. I IMG_0035also had a lot of fun doing it. I agree with everything that Kirstin says”. Seniors, Leah Campano and Brian Gendron who participated as mentors also agreed that it is an extremely helpful program and are sad that it was their last time mentoring.

Ms. Gallagher, a teacher from the STEP program, explains how the program helps students to become comfortable in their surroundings and learn what The Morgan School is all about. She also explains how the STEP mentors this year were especially great and helpful to the incoming freshmen.

The program has changed since the previous year ,but it was definitely a change for the better. This year “STEP buddies” paired up with freshmen for two whole days and gavIMG_0036e them a personal tour around the school. This definitely helped to form a stronger bond between a freshman and upperclassman. With some additional suggestions from the mentors and teachers on how to improve the program as a whole, STEP will continue to grow and excel. By the end of the program, students are able to walk into school with a confident head on their shoulders ready to be a part of The Morgan School.